The CoinPip back office is undergoing extensive changes and redesigning. So bear with us while we get the new site up. In the meantime, let’s discuss how to use the back-office. (You might want to open the diagram in another window so that you can keep referring to it.)

Back-office screenshot


Green Box


Do this first: update your Profile

Now that you have registered for an account (if not, sign up now), you should first update your profile. Inside the profile you can:

  • Update your company (do this asap)
  • Update your first and last name
  • Update your contact number, which is used for SMS invoices as well
  • Your time zone
  • Enable auto bitcoin to local currency conversion
  • Change BTC format to mBTC

Make sure your first name, last name, company name, email address and contact number is correct. It will affect the details in your invoices and receipts.

The secondary options when you hover over Profile include:

Bank Accounts

  • You can enter your bank account(s) details here. This is for merchants that convert bitcoin to their local currency and require withdrawals.

Debit Cards

  • Not available for all countries. This option is for merchants that want to withdrawal their fiat revenues to their debit cards.

POS Terminals/API

  • POS Terminals: Pair your Point-of-sales devices (how-to)
  • API: Setup online shopping gateway for your website (how-to)

Bitcoin addresses

  • Allows you to add extra bitcoin addresses if you think it’s necessary. CoinPip generates new addresses for you regardless.


  • View all transaction types going through your account


  • Enable automatic withdrawals. Note: This option is only for Singapore and Hong Kong Merchants.
  • Withdrawal your local currency. You can enter either in bitcoin or the exact fiat amount.

Send/Request Funds

  • Send Funds: You can transfer bitcoins to another wallet address
  • Request Funds: You can refer bitcoins via email or generate QR code immediately

Red Box

Find Transaction

  • Enter transaction ID to find details of a particular transaction

Yellow Box

The rate of exchange

  • Current CoinPip exchange between bitcoin and the local currency

BTC balance

  • The bitcoin balance. This will accumulate if you did not enable automatic fiat conversion from Profile

SGD Balance

  • The total SGD balance you have accumulated in your account

Last transaction

  • The last transaction that occurred in your account.

Total BTC in circulation

  • If you don’t fully understand bitcoins, please watch the video (or view our Pinterest resources). The number shown is the number of bitcoins in circulation.

Current block number

  • A block is a record in the block chain that contains and confirms many waiting transactions. This shows the current block number.

Blue Box

This is customer service for CoinPip Merchants. You can either leave a message, or if our customer support is online, you can talk to them immediately.

That’s it! Not too difficult right?

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