Coinpip on Product Hunt

Coinpip on Product Hunt

Top 10 on Product Hunt!

It really was one of those things that we did not expect to come with such a large outcome. It’s no secret that being a part of 500 Startups has amazing network connections and puts you into contact with some of the most amazing people. One of them being Sean Percival who submitted CoinPip to Product Hunt last Thursday (Thanks Sean!) To give you a bit of time frame, we had just finished our first year of launching CoinPip and with that came a lot of changes to our app, site, and most importantly our positioning. Figuring out the people who REALLY could benefit from CoinPip’s services.

We are now an international money transfer application for employers who need to pay remote employees, freelancers, contractors, and small businesses (way faster and way cheaper via our bitcoin technology). Obviously getting the word out (organically and paid) about our new positioning is a bit difficult, I’ve reached out to plenty of press and journalists and not all of them have the time for a startup whose just getting traction, they have bigger fish to fry. Product Hunt helped to boost that organic growth for us. And for those of you who don’t know, Product Hunt features new products every day for the app enthusiast who wants to check in on what’s trending.

Immediately after being submitted we were getting comments, emails, and TRAFFIC! It was nuts!

Comments and upvotes galore!

Comments and upvotes galore!

The most important thing about it? Getting user feedback, creating unique conversations, and feeling the momentum. Each day I feel the momentum for CoinPip more and more thanks to the users who get up on Skype to talk to me about the product, give it a test run, and even help me with B2B connections to make it available in more countries (yes we have lots more coming up!) So I want to take the opportunity to thank those who have given up their time.

Also, this wouldn’t be possible without PH! Thanks again to Erik and Ryan, the founders of Product Hunt, who developed such a great community for “product hunters.”

What else is new?

Did we mention that the Singapore government sponsored us to go to SXSW this year? Yup, you can find us at the trade show and interactive March 13-17th. We will have information coming soon. We were also featured in a Webrazzi article which is gaining huge traction in Turkey, a country we soon hope to have on our platform.

Make sure to check up on our blog for more updates on CoinPip’s product updates, helpful money transferring resources, and events!



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