startup founder struggle

Starting a business is complicated, challenging, and overwhelming. It is the entrepreneur’s job to manage the limited resources available. They are given a free hand to take action, to make decisions, and to use all available options and resources. The goal is to get the business going, then to grow it, and then to secure it. These are the challenges all entrepreneurs set up to conquer.

Everyone expects the struggle of starting a business. They anticipate and prepare for long hours, hard work, and the possibility of failure. They will willingly submit to the struggle, knowing that it will end. That one day, everything will be in place and there will only be an abundance of all that are lacking right now. And then they will sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

But, the struggle never stops.

All seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders know this. In fact, the most successful of them anticipate and thrive in the struggle. They know that struggle is integral to a flourishing business. There will always be more clients to serve, markets to conquer, and bigger opportunities to grab.

A great business professional would be able to grasp business challenges by the head. They will efficiently use the company’s limited resources to guide it closer to its goals. A trained, skilled, and focused business leader will take careful considerations of all factors, take measured risks, and will have backup plans for multiple occurrences. His goal is to overcome the challenge and end the struggle.

But, only a true entrepreneur will see the beauty in the struggle. The real goal is not at the end of the struggle. It is with challenges that he or she will feel energized, engrossed, and determined. And it is only in hardship and overcoming obstacles that entrepreneurs will truly find fulfillment and success. It is the daily grind that keeps them excited and effective.

For it is in the struggle that you are at your best. Amidst hardships, you are at your most creative, you work the hardest, and you give your best shot. It is in dire situations that you discover your greatest gift, uncover untapped creativity, and realize your ultimate power.

And when the struggle stops, it is a sign that their work there is done. Without problems to resolve, shortages to address, and puzzles to solve, they’re done. They will move on, to seek other challenges, to find other achievements.

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