Public Advisory ICOs and Suspicious Advertising

The cryptocurrency community and industry has recently observed a significantly increased activity on Bitcoin related ventures. Suspicious advertising has driven the market value and buying activities of several ICOs. However promising the market numbers look, these activities could also be derived from malicious and risky schemes.

The intense and concentrated marketing campaign behind the ICOs popularity is apparent in print, online, and social media channels. While the market’s positive reaction is constructive to the cryptocurrency industry, the constant and sustained growth is suspicious. It contradicts the normal and realistic market movements.

CoinPip would like to remind our clients, partners, and the public who are interested in entering and joining this innovative and growing industry, to exercise the utmost care and due diligence when considering ventures, deals, and offers in the cryptocurrency market. Just like any business ventures, anything that looks too good to be true, and guarantees positive and quick returns should be thoroughly assessed and evaluated.

While extremely promising, Bitcoin and other related coins and currencies are still in its emergent stage. These coins and tokens are not yet regulated. And as in any budding industry, uncertainty, risks, and price volatility are expected. Although we are not forecasting such an event, a market crash can lead to huge losses of unsecured investments.

CoinPip practices and supports ACCESS-SG’s Code of Conduct that prohibits its members from participating in unethical and unscrupulous activities and making such irresponsible claims. We are not discouraging you from joining this innovative and dynamic new industry. On the contrary, we are encouraging people to join. Our stand is on cautious and well-studied ventures.

Should you have any questions and clarifications, feel free to comment or contact us through the Intercom chat box at the bottom right corner of our main page.

Concerned members of the general public are encouraged to contact ACCESS-SG at enquiries@access­ for more information and should they come across suspicious advertising of a similar nature.

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