Innovation is an Entrepreneur’s Greatest Undertaking

Entrepreneurs are mostly innovators, inventors, and trailblazers. Only the vanguard will achieve ultimate success, while copycats can only strive to imitate and be the second best.

There are creators, artists, and designers in business. There are the business geniuses responsible for the efficient use of resources and business foresight. The artists create and sell their creations or work for companies who need their talent. The business geniuses and leaders are the driving force of the company. They lead, motivate, and manage business resources to achieve a common goal. Leaders are rarely the inventors or the creative mind.

And then, there are entrepreneurs.

It is the entrepreneurs who both have the brilliant ideas and the business acumen to make those ideas a success. While entrepreneurs are known for their business astuteness, it is their creativity and innovative mind that is the most essential aspect of their business. It is their ingenuity and innovation that will make them stand out from the crowd of hopeful startups. They might not be the most skilled artists or the most effective marketer, but they are the vital link between the product and its intended users.

Uniqueness count big in business. In an industry where people have countless choices, they will always be looking for an edge, something different, or something special in a product or service. It will be the entrepreneurs who will recognize that special aspect to a product. The entrepreneur might even start with an existing product, service, or idea, and then add a unique spin to it, making it better than the original.

This is the reason why cat cafes have long lines, despite not having the best coffees in town. It is the uniqueness that makes people pay multiple times more for custom couture rather than buy off the rack. This is what makes businesses a success. The Ford Motor Company made its mark in the market by inventing the assembly line, something that has never been used in the car industry before. The initiative led to lower costs and more affordable cars.

Entrepreneurs are sensitive to the needs of the market. They might have the same need or have recognized the need in their day to day living. So, they fashioned a way to address the need and saw its business possibilities. That is how the most successful startups started. From a need. Recognized by an entrepreneur who fashioned a way to address it.

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