How do Successful People Spend their Weekend

Ever wondered how successful people spend their weekend? There are a variety of ways the successful spend their weekends. Surprisingly, most do not have anything to do with work or business. Here are how some of the most successful people spend their weekends;

Get active and stay in shape

Successful people recognize that their most important asset is their health. They take advantage of the weekends to get active and take care of their health. Popular weekend activities include running, hiking, and wall climbing. Less strenuous activities include golfing, fishing, and Anna Wintour plays tennis, Richard Branson indulges in water sports, most particularly, kite surfing.


Most successful people recognize the value of disconnecting. In this age of being connected, it is a luxury to go offline. Successful people takes a break from the internet and stay away mobiles and computers during weekends. Do not expect Arianna Huffington to answer emails on a weekend, she also encourages her employees to get some downtime.

Spend time with loved ones

Weekdays are for work, weekends for the family. Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, makes sure that weekends are for spending quality time with his three kids and family. The most work he does is check his email at night. Mark Cuban is a fulltime dad and husband during weekends.

Make time for hobbies

Part of recharging and avoiding a burnout is indulging in one’s hobbies and in activities they love doing. Warren Buffett play the ukulele, George W. Bush paints, Meryl Streep knits, and Albert Einstein spent time playing his violin. Others spend the couple of days going into small adventures – visiting new places, meet new people, or cross off items in their bucket lists.

Learn, learn, learn

One thing common among the most successful is their insatiable appetite for learning. They always seek to learn new things, discover new interests, and explore new horizons. They read, listen to inspirational audios, take courses, or go to plays. Eimantas Balciunas of Travel Ticker reads on her weekends and Neil Patrick Harris would binge-watch musicals while his friends go clubbing.

Indulge in ME time

At least few hours of the weekend are designated as a ME time. They would usually indulge in self-pampering and doing things they love. It could be catching up on sleep, going to the saloon, reading a book, or just enjoying some time with a beloved pet. Bill Clinton is known for his weekend ‘power naps’ and Oprah Winfrey would spend Sunday mornings curled up with a good book.

Engage in giving back activities

Charity work helps the needy and blesses the giver a profound feeling of joy and well-being. This is why many successful people give time to giving back. Jon Bon Jovi spends his free weekends washing dishes at his JBJ Soul Kitchen – a non-profit community restaurant that caters to the needy, most particularly those who can’t pay for their meals. Diners can either donate or choose to pay by helping out with some chores.

Prepare for the coming week

The secret to a highly productive work week is preparation. Bill Gates is an advocate of reflection, a time to set back, think of the activities and achievements of the previous week, and plan for a better next week. Jack Dorsey work relentlessly from Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays for rest and relaxation, and Sundays are preparations for the coming week.

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