Having a Core Mission Statement is Vital to Success

What makes a great sailor stand out from a sea mediocre ones? All sailors sail on the same sea and use of the same wind, but how can one outstrip and outperform the others during a race? The answer is quite simple, strategy and the optimum use of resources. All sailors use wind to propel their boats and ships forward. A superb one, though, will ensure that his sails are well adjusted to the wind to maximize its force letting him surpass his competitors.

Similarly, as a businessman, you have to strategize to be better than your competitors in the field. This is a difficult task especially in a competitive field where everyone is aggressively going after a piece of the pie. There are times that you’ll think finding an edge from the others also in the race is almost impossible.

It is very important to go back to the roots of your company. Know, define and take to heart its purpose and the direction you are taking as specifically stated on the company’s mission and vision statement. It is vital that this statement is formulated carefully and with precision. How do you want the company to be perceived as an organization by its shareholders and employees? The statement serves as the foundation of the business. Careful consideration of important factors would be best to ensure you better chances of succeeding.

  • Primary Purpose – As a company, it is crucial to start by deciding the primary purpose of the organization. Is it to gain profit and increase revenue, to bring satisfaction to your customers or to simply promote a cause for public awareness?
  • Corporate Values – The corporation will stand by this statement. Specify the values you’d like your employees to possess like transparency, service, and integrity. They are, after all, the face of the company. What better way for them to represent the business than by being inspired and driven by your Mission and Vision statement.
  • Change – The Mission and Vision statement may change from time to time once the goal is met. This will allow the company to steer to a new direction or set another purpose. This statement, therefore, must positively influence change among the leaders and employees. It has always been a big help to move forward with an enthusiastic team on board to help drive the company to the next level.
  • Power words– This statement must be able to encourage leaders and employees. This can be best achieved by using positive words and powerful phrases that relevant and would catch their attention.

So, how will a simple statement bring success to the company? Creating the Mission and Vision crystalizes the purpose and path set for the business. This gives us, businessmen, the framework to start designing practical and reasonable goals.  Action plans are implemented to help attain the targets set. Every goal met by the business is a step higher from other players in the race. And when all goals are met, it is time to turn the ship and set out to another path for the company to venture on with a brand-new statement inspiring your people once more.

You see, we are given the same tools and resources: manpower, capital and technology. It is how we maximize them that’ll dictate the success or failure of our business.

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