Failures are just Road Signs to Success

The diamond is the hardest mineral, earning its Greek name – adamas or unbreakable. It exudes incomparable elegance and beauty. But how is a diamond made? Before it achieves its glittery shine if first must go through tremendous heat and pressure. Its edges have to be cut repeatedly for it to capture light and shine brighter than other minerals.

Life is not always a feast of abundance. We must go through pain, hardships and failures. There would be times when you’ll feel empty and hopeless. But know that life is a constant battle. Everyone goes through hell and high waters. We all have dreams and aspirations in life. I have dreams of my own too. Dreams so many that none of them seemed possible at one point. You worked hard, yet, nothing paid off and your plans, A to Z, all failed.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

When a goal is not met, try to go for it one more time. And when it still is not met, try again until you’ve explored all possible ways to hit your target. In the corporate world, not all leaders are the most intelligent, the most talented, or the best person in their chosen career. Most of them are leaders because of unwavering courage and perseverance. They persevered to learn and be a better version, not of someone else, but of themselves.

It is also important that goals are practical and feasible. Without careful consideration of your time, resources and skills, a dream is just an idea, an item on your list of wants. Having a design of how a dream can be attained transforms it into a goal that’s achievable and possible.

There will be times that after all careful planning and thinking, everything still seems out of the way. That can be frustrating. But never stop. No one is perfect. We lack sometimes lack resources, the right skills, and we make mistakes. Give yourself time and another chance. Be open- minded and accept your flaws. Accepting your weaknesses is not easy. But failure makes a person capable of defining the feeling and meaning of being successful.

Failing on your first try does not measure you as a person. Nothing with high value is attained with ease. Everyone works hard for a target they’ve set for themselves. It might take time. You may have to try more than 100 times. But you are bigger than the mountain that you are facing. Have faith in yourself and think that everything is possible, because it is!

Success is not the absence of failure. It is how you face the rocks and setbacks thrown your way with confidence and positivity. Success, therefore, is the journey of man to being unbreakable.

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