CoinPip Enterprise Solutions Sub-Accounts Feature

International money transfers and sending money abroad to freelancers are common tasks for international businesses and for startups who engage virtual teams of remote workers and freelancers. It is also a sensitive, tedious, and time-consuming responsibility. You can always delegate the task, but full diligence should also be observed when assigning company disbursements tasks and giving direct access to the most liquid asset of the company – cash.

Controlled delegation is a strength to large and fast-growing companies. A functioning organization is composed of skilled professionals, tasked to do responsibilities that best fit their skills, aptitude, and talents. One person alone cannot run a company. With efficient delegation, together with a team of dedicated and motivated individuals equipped with proper tools of their toil, potentials and productivity are leveraged.

CoinPip is a growing company, and we understand growing up pains. That is why we created a feature designed to help your growing needs.

We are proud to announce the launch of the subaccount functionality in corporate accounts!

What is a subaccount account?

A sub-account is a secondary account created under a primary corporate account. The subaccount will have access to and work on the main account. The subaccount can send money internationally, process payroll freelancers, do mass payments, and other CoinPip functions. The tracking and recording of activities and transaction are separate and distinct from the main account. It is available to all corporate accounts for free.

Why do you need a subaccount?

The subaccount option is designed for enterprises that might need more than one people to manage their international money transfers and remittances. Access and control to the finances and money of the company are a matter of caution. You would need to really trust a person who would handle your company’s most liquid assets, keep all the control and work to yourself, or take advantage of available tools that will simplify delegation.

A CoinPip subaccount will let you delegate to a secondary person/s the task of managing international money transfers and payments of the company while you maintain the security and retain ultimate control of the account.

How does one create a subaccount?

To enjoy the subaccount feature, the main account user will just need to nominate a subaccount user/s. The main account holder can nominate one or more persons for a subaccount/s on the main account’s CoinPip dashboard. Upon nomination, an invite email will be sent to the nominee. The email will include a link and instructions on how to complete the process.

The main account holder will be notified through email once the subaccount registration is completed. Once registered, the secondary user/s will have access and conduct transactions like the main account, but the recording of activities and tracking will be specific to the subaccount. The subaccount user can now start sending money abroad, process money transfers and remittances, and other CoinPip functions.

More than giving you a faster, cheaper, and easier option of sending money internationally, we are dedicated to providing you with financial corporate services that matter – relevant, cost-efficient, and will contribute to your productivity. We will continue to come up with enterprise solutions that will simplify complex tasks and help your business achieve goals.

We value your feedback and ideas. For comments, suggestions, and questions on our services and how we can make it better for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can send us an email at

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