By Anson Zeall

April 28, 2014

Singapore – Singapore-based Bitcoin Payment Solutions Provider CoinPip Pte Ltd (“CoinPip”), brings US-based 37coins’ SMS bitcoin wallets to Singapore where consumers can pay in bitcoin via any CoinPip Merchant POS from any mobile device with SMS functionality.

Anson Zeall, co-founder of CoinPip, expects to expand to Hong Kong and Indonesia within the next month or so and then throughout South East Asia where 3g connections are still very limited.

“The mobile market in South East Asia is extremely massive but the usage of smartphones is still lagging. So QR code scanning is not that useful. Thus the collaboration with 37coins is going to make payments more convenient for everyone else.”

To setup a 37coins Bitcoin SMS wallet, all you have to do is SMS “hi” to the nearest SMS gateway listed on You will receive a welcome text message from that gateway, where the gateway can be opened by anyone from anywhere. From then, sends your text commands to that gateway to control the wallet. Now you can send and receive Bitcoin from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

CoinPip also recently hit two milestones: (1) introduced its first release of an online API for merchants that want to accept bitcoin online and (2) uploaded the CoinPip Merchant POS app to the Google Play store.

For more information on the integration between CoinPip and 37coins or for general information about CoinPip, please email and attend the BOOST:Bitcoin event on 7th May (

About CoinPip

CoinPip is a startup with a vision to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as safe and easy-to-use as any other form of money.

Based in Singapore, its team has worked on high-tech projects across the globe.Starting in the Asian market, it intends to take CoinPip system to world marketplace, distributing SMS, Card and Mobile wallets and its merchant services, one businesses and customers at a time. was founded by entrepreneur Anson Zeall, Alexander Angerer, Arseniy Kucherenko, its Chief Crypto Technologist.

About 37Coins

37coins is a startup committed to making Bitcoin easy, secure to use, and accessible to everyone.

Based in the United States, its focus is on connecting ‘the other 6 billion’ to the global economy with low-tech, secure, scalable solutions. Examples include SMS wallet, a Bitcoin wallet for ‘simple’ feature phones; and, SMS gateway, abridge between SMS and Bitcoin for low-end Android phones. was founded by social entrepreneur Songyi Lee, developer Johann Barbie and designer Jonathan Zobro.

Johann: “The 37coins gateway system is distributed, and modeled after Bitcoin itself. A person that deploys a gateway gets a tiny % of the transaction which turns it into an entrepreneurial opportunity.”

Jonathan: “Think of 37coins as the decentralized version of Kenya’s M-Pesamobile phone based money transfer system. It’s simple and is even usable on the Nokia 100, this basic SMS phone. While M-Pesa is just in Kenya, 37coins can work anywhere in the world.”

SongYi: “By using the existing SMS/text infrastructure, 37coins can bring Bitcoin to 4 billion people without laying any new infrastructure.”

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