CoinPip App Updates Deployed

It has been a month since we launched the CoinPip app. It has been a roller coaster ride for us – equally exciting and terrifying. We are happy that the app is finally deployed and clients can already enjoy its benefits of faster and streamlined processes. To some degree, we are also anxious about the system problems and program anomalies that will only become apparent as the system is used by actual clients.

We have also been learning a lot about our users. Certain user behaviors have guided us to create changes and improvements. We have also gathered feedback and suggestions from you! We appreciate the time and effort you took to give us valuable ideas and insights on how we can further improve the app and ultimately, our services.

We listened to you! Here is the first batch of deployed improvements that you can now enjoy while using CoinPip.

CC function added to send money transactions

Senders creating send money transactions can now add up to three emails he or she wants to receive copies of the transaction’s notification emails. This functionality comes in handy for corporate and co-working environments where more than one person needs to be updated on disbursements.


Search function enabled for completed transactions

Finding previous transactions is now easier through the search function enabled on sender and recipient information fields. Typing a few letters in the sender or recipient name or email will generate a preview of names and emails of previous transactions containing the letters. This tool facilitates faster processing and minimizes input errors. Very useful for processing repeat transactions.

Feedback sent in by a valued client.

Feedback sent in by a valued client.

Easier to click on transaction dashboard cards

Checking transaction status and details on the user’s dashboard is now easier. The entire transaction card is made clickable to display its details and instructions. Statuses are also color-coded to help users easily identify transactions that need their action from those that do not.


 Multilingual input fields activated

Input fields like the sender’s name, the recipient’s name, and bank name are now multilingual. Aside from the English alphabet, users are now able to input Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, and Nepali characters in the said fields. We are still adding more languages and alphabets into the system as users need them.

Feedback sent in by a valued client.

Feedback sent in by a valued client.

Different currencies supported on mass payments

We made the mass payments more dynamic and responsive to the needs of the user. Whereas before where the currency is locked to the recipient’s local currency, senders will now have the option to send either the recipient’s local currency or in US dollar. They can also send multiple transfers of different currencies to one or more recipients all in one go.


Despite assiduously and diligently working to perfect the app prior to its release, we cannot completely avoid certain bugs and glitches that will only appear as the system is put to actual use. Hence, we always welcome and appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

We will not stop at improving the app, creating value-adding products and services, and in finding ways to better serve you.

We ask for your patience and bear with us as we undergo this pivotal transition. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you and your business. For questions, clarifications, and other concerns, please email us at or reach us through the Intercom chat box located at the bottom right corner of this page.

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