Achieving the Balance Work - Life Management Tips

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” – Hillary Clinton

We all work for a purpose. It can be to buy things we want, to provide for our family or simply, to prove something to ourselves. And yes, working is stressful. Every day is a battlefield. We are constantly on the run to be the best in everything that we do that we sometimes forget to enjoy life itself.

Yes, we work for a living but work is not all of our lives. We deserve more than that! And to enjoy both worlds, we must take extra measures to balance our lives.

Setting a clear boundary between work life and personal life is integral. This means work calls must only be accepted during working hours. This is the same case for emails and errands. Personal stuff on the other hand, must be handled after office hours. Drawing a line between work and personal life is best practiced from the start to set everybody’s expectations including the team and your family.

Create an everyday To-Do-List of the tasks at hand. The list can contain work and personal things to accomplish for the day. This ensures everything is done and nothing is forgotten, leaving no reason to go back to work when you’re already out of working hours. This also promotes time awareness and efficiency in getting things done.

Ultimately, balancing life all boils down to time management. It is true that time is gold. We can never go back and do things differently. So, we have to be wise on how our time is spent. When listing the activities for the day, it is important to check if the deadline set is feasible with the time given. We can also avoid activities that are not beneficial. Instead, allot the time for tasks that will help us excel at whatever we do.

And after a long day, giving a few minutes to ourselves for us to reflect on our actions can relieve stress. Some call it meditation or reflection, I simply call it ‘ME time’. As John Dewey, an American psychologist, once said, “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Finally, after all the work is done, it is time to reward ourselves. The reward does not need to be something expensive or grand. For some, it can be doing something they love like cooking, exercising or shopping. A reward can also be plain and simple like enjoying a book or playtime with the kids. This is to remind ourselves that after all, we still work for our own and for those who are important to us. This will surely bring motivation for the days to come.

Stress has now been part of our everyday lives. With the buzz of the modern world, what matters is how we face stress and challenges in both our personal and work lives. And yes, it is important to succeed, learn and to excel in what we do but that does not mean that we must forget to have a good laugh and to have fun. A successful business or career does not ask for a wasted person in return. We deserve to be happy and that can be achieved by simply balancing our lives.

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