By Anson Zeall

May 6, 2014

Singapore– Singapore-based startup 8pip, a CoinPip affiliated company, will debut the world’s first bitcoin prepaid cards at the Startup Asia Singapore 2014 as well as at Singapore’s first BOOST:Bitcoin event.

Positioned as the easiest way to acquire bitcoin, 8pip’s new bitcoin prepaid cards allow customers to essentially purchase bitcoin off the shelf by purchasing physical cards and then redeeming the card’s equivalent value in bitcoin currency online at

Once the customer details are entered into the CardToCoin website, bitcoin funds are promptly transferred to the customer’s bitcoin wallet.

Anson Zeall, co-founder of both CoinPip and 8pip, believes that CardToCoin will make bitcoin more easily accessible to the general public and help demystify the idea of bitcoin.

“At the moment, bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchanges are the most common ways to get bitcoin. The problem is, unless you’re a seasoned stock trader, the process to get bitcoin is still very complicated and intimidating. With CardToCoin, for example, you can simply buy a card with S$20 worth of bitcoin and then redeem it online with your tablet, phone or PC.”

For greater convenience, customers will soon be able to redeem the prepaid bitcoin cards using a simple SMS command, with the bitcoins similarly transferred straight to their bitcoin wallet.

CardToCoin and its online service will officially launch on May 7th. Interested users will be able to purchase and redeem the cards at Singapore’s inaugural BOOST:Bitcoin.

Organised by CoinPip, Bitcoin exchange Itbit, and JFDI.Asia, BOOST:Bitcoin is an informative and fun event aimed at promoting and celebrating the use of cryptocurrencies. Visitors for instance,are encouraged to purchase food and drinks using bitcoin, easily available at the venue.

More details on CardToCoin retail partners and future 8pip product plans will be announced over the next two months.

For more information on BOOST:Bitcoin, please visit

To find out more or to redeem CardToCoin prepaid cards, please

About 8pip

8pip, a CoinPip company, is the holding company of CardToCoin ( 8pip produces bitcoin prepaid cards for users to buy and redeem online, with the bitcoin funds transferred to the users’ web, mobile or SMS bitcoin wallets.

Based in Singapore, the 8pip team believes in the economic potential of bitcoin and aims to make its use and benefits available to everyone, not just tech-savvy users.

About CoinPip

CoinPip ( a startup with a vision to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as safe and easy-to-use as any other form of money.

Based in Singapore, its team has worked on high-tech projects across the globe.

Starting in Asia, CoinPip looks to take its bitcoin merchant system to the world marketplace, with its innovative offering of SMS, card and mobile bitcoin wallets and its comprehensive merchant support. CoinPip was founded by entrepreneur Anson Zeall, Alexander Angerer andChief Crypto Technologist Arseniy Kucherenko.

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