7 Toxic Habits that are Holding You Back

Success is all about attitude. Hard work, money, and luck are significant contributing factors, but it is your attitude that will bring you success. Without you realizing it, certain behaviors may be holding you back from achieving your goals and attaining success. Here are seven of the most common toxic habits most of us are guilty of;

Perfectionism – Are you a proud perfectionist? Then business and entrepreneurship might not be for you. Trying to achieve perfection in everything you do will hold you back from achieving the big goals. It is understandable to want to create the perfect product or a faultless marketing plan. But, letting a slightly different Pantone on the packaging stop you from launching product will not help you get forward.

Resting on your achievements – Creating the perfect product or grabbing the biggest pie in the market is a great achievement. But one should never rest on their achievements or they will soon learn they’re at the bottom of the heap again. Other businesses, your competitors are working hard to take the top spot, to create a better product, and to take business from you. Sustain your success by continuously learning, improving, and growing.

Close-mindedness – The most successful businesses are led by people who are open-minded learners. They are avid listeners who will listen to suggestions, observations, and feedback from other people – their employees, customers, business partners, and even competitors. They will value and consider all inputs to create better solutions, products, and services, which will translate to bigger business. Open your mind and know that seeing things from a different viewpoint can be enlightening.

Micro-management – Micro-management is not only time-consuming for a leader, it is also disastrous to the self-esteem and productivity of the employee. The reason you engage your employees is to get help and for you to free time for yourself. Avoid micro-management by hiring competent employees, providing them with the necessary trainings, and matching people with the appropriate tasks.

Negativity – Challenges, problems, and setbacks are everyday occurrences when running a business. It is so easy to get angry, despair, and give up. Focusing on the mistakes, misses, and the losses will not bring you closer to your goals. Failures are just road signs to success. Instead, look at challenges as learning opportunities that will lead to more informed decisions, better insights, and business growth.

Not taking a break from work – Working all the time might help you finish a project quicker or get farther sooner. But it will not sustain long-term growth and success. Burnout is a real thing. Without respite from work, sooner or later, you are likely to suffer a breakdown – physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. Your personal relationships could also take a toll. Constant stress and pressure will creep up and inhabit your system. Make it a point to destress and revitalize whenever you can.

Not taking care of yourself – Your health and wellness are your primary responsibility. For you to be able to take care of your business and family, you first need to take care of yourself. Keep your doctors’ appointments, eat healthy, sleep adequately, exercise, and avoid vices and unnecessary stressors.

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