6 Reasons Why Asia's Businesses Use CoinPip to Send Money Abroad

There are many ways to send money internationally, but most of them are expensive, complicated, and slow in delivery. CoinPip offers businesses a better option. As global business and communities are becoming mainstream, the world’s financial system is slowly but surely migrating to the cashless mode. This is mainly to accommodate the need of the global society for an easier and more sensible way of managing international money transfers.

The globalization movement has largely benefited the Asian business sector. For the recent few years, the entire Asian region has been showing exponential growth in the economy. China, Singapore, and most of the Southeast Asian nations have shown strong positive trend on business development, technological advancements and strong economic positioning.

It is also the growing and dynamic Asian markets that first saw and recognize the advantages of using CoinPip, the money transfer tool designed for the dynamic and progressive global businesses.  Here are six of the benefits CoinPip offer them;

Fixed rates

CoinPip charges fixed rates for all transactions. No additional or surprise charges. Businesses appreciate the straightforward charging system. The recipient will get the entire amount you sent. Fees are based on the send amount, 2% for standard rates. Special rates apply to same day delivery and preferred customers. And because CoinPip is processed through the blockchain technology, transactions are not affected nor applied with forex.

Convenient to use

CoinPip offers busy entrepreneurs and businesses an easier way of transferring money aboard, sending money to freelancers, remote workers, and other international money remittances. Money is sent directly to the recipient’s bank account, no need for them to register. Only the sender needs to register an account, once verified, transactions can already be accommodated. And everything is done online. No need to physically go to the bank and other money transfer outlets.

Fast delivery

One of the financial and operations issues of international businesses is the cashflow bottleneck. International money transfers through banks and other traditional financial institutions take few days to process, clear, and finally be delivered to the recipient. To a business, these few days could mean increased storage fees of shipments, interest charges, and withheld money. The blockchain system allows a seamless and digital process of money transfers, eliminating the bureaucracy and hold up in the money transfer processes. Here’s a simplified three-minute discussion on blockchain basics – Blockchain 101.

Mass payment option

Virtual offices and remote workers are proving to be a great way of pooling together talents from all over the world. Most of Asia’s startups are taking advantage of the dynamic open office setup. However, maintaining a virtual office and engaging freelancers from all over the world come with the challenge of paying them off. Using PayPal, MoneyGram, banks, and other established money transfer outlets prove to be time-consuming. It will take hours to process multiple transactions. With CoinPip, paying off your international team, suppliers, or sending payments to partners is as easy as sending in a spreadsheet of all the transactions.

Accommodates small and unpredictable transactions

Asia’s tourism and hospitality industry are booming. The region is offering key tourist attractions and experiences. Many small businesses are riding with this optimistic travel trend. Accommodations, tour services, and other travel and tourism businesses have come up to address the needs. In turn, they need a financial channel that will accommodate and support the unpredictable and irregular nature of tourism money transfer. CoinPip understands the need and offers flexible services patterned to the client’s business requirements.

Allows expansion without the need for local integration

Another advantage businesses in the Asian region recognize is the quick and hassle-free global expansion CoinPip enables them. The digital-based money transfer services eliminate the need for local integration. This allows global startups to expand and set up offices around the world faster and hire and organize a team of freelancers more easily.

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