5 Jobsites to Find International Freelancers

Setting up virtual teams and engaging remote workers are the sensible solutions to staffing global businesses. Forward-thinking and progressive businesses benefit from the flexibility, first-rate talent pool, and lower rates of international freelancers.

But finding the right people for your team is not easy, especially when you’re looking from across the globe. Get to know the typical online freelancer here. The key is diligence, research, and going for the most trusted and renowned jobsites. Here are five of the top jobsites to find the best freelancers in the world.


Upwork boasts of being the largest international freelance site. It was formed after the merger of two of the most prominent and influential jobsites – oDesk® and Elance®. Upwork is home to over 12 million freelancers from all over the world, offering a whole range of services. You can find seasoned professionals, from writers, web designers and developers, and bookkeepers to consultants, virtual assistants, and graphic artists. Over 5 million clients have registered with Upwork including Dropbox, Zendesk, and AirBnB.

Building your online team through Upwork is easy. After registration, you can already start posting jobs, with descriptions and your budget. Either you wait for freelancers to apply or you can scan profiles to find remote workers with the most promising possibilities. Upwork also provide matching services where they recommend select freelancers who have great track records.

It is free to sign up with Upwork. However, you will be charged about 3% processing fee for the cost of work done.


Freelancer is a marketplace of international remote workers. There are over 23 million registered members offering a range of services. You can engage a freelancer for your small one-time projects like logo design, website development, and software development. You can also build your virtual team of assistants, translators, writers, and accountants.

Freelancer is a competitive hub for online workers. Clients will only need to post a job, complete with its requirements and descriptions, and freelancers will bid to get the job done. Clients are able to get projects done in shortest time and for the most affordable rates.

It is free to register and post jobs in Freelancer. However, once a contract is engaged between a client and a worker, the site charges about 3% of the contract price.


Fiverr is named after its base charge rate – $5 USD. You can have a job done for as low as $5 USD! Freelancers from around the world can record a voiceover, design a logo, write an article or customize your website. The basic charge is $5, add-ons or additional units of work is another $5.

For example, a logo designer will design a logo for $5, and you get unlimited revisions and a png file for the work. If you want the eps file, that’s another $5. If you want the work faster or within your specific timeframe (the freelancer will give an estimated time of completion) that’s another $5. Another example is a writer charging $5 for every 500-word article. A 501-1000-word article will cost you $10.

To get work done, you just need to register on the website, scan freelancers and connect with them to discuss the job. Freelancer profiles come with extensive portfolios, work statistics, and feedback from previous clients.


Peopleperhour was established in 2007 and started as a client and freelancer matching service. Today, PPH has over 1.5 million registered freelance professionals and experts offering a wide range of services – from blogging, SEO marketing, and web development to graphic design, social media marketing, and business support.

There are three ways to get a job done in PPH. First, you can scan for the packaged services with its set rates. Find a match for your project, pay the required down payment and wait for its completion. You can also post a job where freelancers will find you and submit their proposals. Review the proposals and the freelancers’ profile and then pick the best one. The third option is to scan freelancer profiles to find the talent you need.


Guru’s core mission is to provide global opportunities for the best workers. Banking on its skilled professionals, the jobsite aims to help both its freelancers and international startup businesses looking for better and cheaper staffing options. Guru also provides its users a work tracking application designed to make team collaboration quick and easy. It is a place where one can upload, share, and store documents, create job agreements, communicate, track milestones and payments.

The jobsite boasts of over 1.5 million gurus or professionals offering services. To engage a freelancer, you can either post a job for free and wait for applicants or scan freelancer profiles and request for a quote on your project.

It is free to post a job, however, if you want to attract more gurus, you can pay $29.99 for prominent posting. Guru also charges a 2.5% processing fee on contract price.



Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff prides itself as the top jobsite that does not charge both clients and freelancers. Employers will just need to create an account, post a job, choose, hire, and start working with the best talents from around the world. They can also find freelancers by scanning their profiles. Unlike other jobsites where communication outside the platform is limited, employers and freelancers can directly and freely communicate through email. Job details, terms, conditions, and payment method are decided between the employer and the freelancer, no intervention from Hubstaff whatsoever.

Freelancers will only have to create a profile, scan for job postings and apply, or wait for job offers. Hubstaff freelance membership is around 15,000, 684 agencies. The jobsite is not after the numbers, as they only accept the cream of the crop.

Hubstaff also offers the sophisticated time tracking software that monitors, records, and manages remote teams. It is installed on the freelancers’ computer. While not a requirement to engage freelancers, the software is highly recommended for its functionality and efficiency.

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