5 Effective Ways of Taming Procrastination

Productivity is one key to a business’ success. With the continuous demands of the corporate world, it is important to deliver with quality and efficiency. There’d be times that exhaustion and distractions would take over your motivation. This is when employees and even managers start to procrastinate. Procrastination causes delays, missed goals and foregone opportunities that ultimately affect the business’ overall output.

Here are several ways to stop procrastination and bring back the motivation to do best in our everyday responsibilities:

  1. Learn How to Prioritize – Create a To-Do List of all the tasks for the day, the week, or the entire month. Sort them based on their level of urgency and difficulty. Focus on the important tasks, worry with the inconsequential later. Contrary to our behavior of completing easier tasks and saving difficult ones for later, it is best to start with the more challenging ones. Our energy is at its peak at the start of the day, which helps in thinking clearly and finishing tasks in a timely manner.
  1. Set a Specific Time-Frame – Now that we have a To-Do List, it is time to set our schedule. Based on studies, people procrastinating normally start working when it is almost the deadline. They do everything in the last minute which leads to mediocre work. To avoid this, estimate the time needed to complete each task and adhere to that schedule. There are even applications you can try like Finish that will help sort your timetable. This will also ensure that everything on the To-Do list is feasible.
  1. Avoid Distractions – Distractions like social media and browsing through non-work related articles cause idle time and interruptions in finishing the errands for the day. It is best that these personal activities are done on breaks and after working hours.
  1. Create a Competitive Environment – A friendly competition within the company can drive performance. It is our nature to survive and be best in whatever that we do. Creating a competitive environment will increase pressure for everyone to perform and be recognized.
  1. Build a Reward System – Hard work should pay off. Performances should be recognized. Great work should be acknowledged. Rewards bring enthusiasm for workers to deliver tasks with quality. It does not always come in money, it can be as simple as commending and appreciating the people behind the company’s success.

Productivity percentage speaks a lot about the company and its employees. People who are procrastinating either have lost their motivation or enthusiasm at work. But behind every successful business are motivated people who are willing to be the best in every work they do. And with procrastination tamed, your business is surely ready to continue its way to success.

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